NEI 08-09 Compliance

Our proven security solutions and services help our nuclear industry customers achieve NEI 08-09 regulatory compliance.

Protecting nuclear generation facilities from cyberattacks is vital to the safety, security and economic well-being of the nation. With the complexity and frequency of such attacks on plant control systems increasing, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission continues to tighten security standards to ensure that computer systems and networks are adequately protected.

Tresys provides nuclear operators with the hardened security required to meet ever-tightening Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) standards. Our products and services protect critical digital assets while facilitating the flow of information needed for business management.

Comprehensive Portable Media Controls

Nuclear Regulatory Committee (NRC) guidance states that secure data transfer must "ensure that the data, software, firmware, or devices are free from known malicious code, Trojan viruses, worms, and other passive attack." Traditional anti-virus (AV) scanning can address some of these threats, but not the full spectrum.

XD Air™ is a media inspection and transfer appliance that provides a full scope of protection against data, software, firmware, and device threats. It is used widely by nuclear operators to inspect, filter, and clean data from portable media and transfer it to clean, controlled media.

Protecting Critical Digital Assets

Tresys’ cost-effective, high-performance data diode products support a comprehensive defense-in-depth architecture as required by NEI 08-09. Unlike firewalls, XD Bridge provides hardware-enforced, deterministic data flow between security zones.

  • XD Bridge™ allows sensor data, event logs, and other critical information to be transferred from operational technology networks to front-office business systems, while also protecting critical digital assets from attacks and possible compromise.

  • XD Guardian™ is an exportable version of XD Bridge suitable for nuclear operators outside of the U.S.

XD Air Enables Comprehensive Portable Media Controls

The NRC reported in October 2015 that the most common findings in its audits were related to portable media controls.

XD Air provides the most comprehensive support for NRC-compliant portable media control procedures. Not only does XD Air go beyond antivirus scanning to prevent malware from entering your network, but XD Air itself is a hardened hardware/software package that is not vulnerable to media-borne attacks. As a result, XD Air does not require the extensive hardening procedures required by other products.

For further information on using XD Air in the nuclear industry, see the following whitepapers: