Delivering Actionable Intelligence

National intelligence agencies collect, analyze, integrate, and distribute intelligence in support of national security. Secure information sharing is a key component of this mission. In order to achieve a global intelligence advantage, sensitive data must be not only protected but also disseminated quickly and securely to analysts, military commanders, policy makers, and law enforcement.

Tresys provides products and solutions that answer this challenge and address other security issues presented by today’s rapidly changing, data-fusion-intense environment.

Serving the Intelligence Community

Tresys has fully cleared staff that work on-site and remotely with intelligence agencies. In addition, we have a variety of intelligence-specific capabilities:

  • XD Bridge™, our Top Secret/SCI and Below Interoperability (TSABI)-certified cross domain solution, was developed for and with the intelligence community and is deployed in numerous agencies.
  • XD Air™, which secures air-gap transfer and protects against removable media threats, also was developed with and is widely used by the intelligence community.
  • Our product security analysis team can assess and improve the security posture of products and technologies deployed by the intelligence community.
  • Our Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) consulting services harden the security posture of agency-developed and third-party systems.

Founded by former National Security Agency engineers, Tresys has a long history of service to the intelligence community.