Securing Critical Infrastructure

Cyber attacks on the electric grid are increasing in both frequency and severity. Such attacks could disrupt the electrical supply system and have a devastating effect on the U.S. economy. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) requirements were developed to address the security of cyber assets essential to the reliable operation of the electric grid.

Tresys products and services help electric utilities and oil and gas companies meet NERC CIP compliance requirements by isolating operational systems and networks, while simultaneously ensuring that data can be securely transferred to other enterprise networks.

Protecting Critical Cyber Assets

Tresys’ cost-effective, high-performance data diode products protect the network boundary while enforcing secure one-way data flows.

  • XD Bridge allows sensor data, event logs and other critical information to be transferred from operational technology networks to front-office business systems, while also protecting critical cyber assets from attacks and possible compromise.
  • XD Guardian is a commercially exportable version of the product.

Foiling Removable Media Threats

One of the most common threat vectors facing SCADA and other secure industrial systems is removable media. Whether used maliciously to trigger an attack or unwittingly triggering one when transferring patches, software updates, license keys or other system files, removable media poses a significant security risk for critical power sector and oil and gas industry systems and networks.

XD Air is a media inspection and transfer appliance used widely by energy-sector customers to inspect, filter and clean data from USB devices before exposing them to secure networks. XD Air provides a full scope of protection against data, software, firmware and device threats.


Our proven security solutions and services help energy-sector customers achieve NERC CIP compliance.

Hardening Device Security

Manufacturers of industrial control systems, digital control systems and smart grid components can take advantage of our Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) expertise and services to harden the security of products and systems used in the energy industry. Tresys’ world-class SELinux security specialists can help lock down security on critical systems and devices.