Supporting Defense Missions Worldwide

Tresys products and services facilitate the secure sharing of sensitive data necessary for mission success and coalition operations. Whether it’s supporting the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program with tactical cross domain solutions, helping the Army harden cybersecurity at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, or enabling secure control communications for autonomous unmanned surface vehicles, our innovative cybersecurity solutions play a vital role in national defense.

A committed partner to with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), our products and services reduce costs, improve operational effectiveness and enhance cybersecurity.

Solutions for Defense

Our solutions are widely used by the DoD, military services and coalition partners:

  • XD Bridge™ is a high-performance, low-cost cross domain solution that U.S. defense, intelligence agencies, and Five Eyes nations employ to maintain domain separation while securely transferring files, streaming data and other information. XD Guardian™ is the exportable version of the product used by allied nations. Both products are in the SABI (Secret and Below Interoperability) certification process.
  • XD Air™ is a secure air-gap transfer product that protects against removable media threats, including the risk of USB devices introducing malware to inbound systems or inadvertently releasing classified information or other sensitive data.
  • Our product security analysis team can assess and improve the security posture of products and technologies deployed by the DoD and military services.
  • Our Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) consulting services can help the DoD harden its security posture while keeping pace with evolving security and certification requirements.

Our cross domain solutions play a critical role in ensuring that military decision makers and warfighters have the timely information needed for mission success.