A Trusted Partner

Our cybersecurity solutions protect and connect the world’s most critical networks. Whether you need to safeguard classified government networks or ensure the secure delivery of critical industrial, financial or operational data, you can count on us to effectively address existing and emerging threats to IT systems and networks.

For nearly two decades, we have been a trusted partner to government agencies, critical infrastructure operators, defense contractors and system integrators. We work in close collaboration with our customers to develop and deliver cost-effective solutions that solve their most complex security challenges. Our broad portfolio of proven capabilities includes cross domain and data diode products and solutions, removable media threat protection, SELinux consulting services, and product security analysis.

We provide solutions in the following markets:

  • Defense - Tresys is a committed partner to the Department of Defense and governments worldwide.
  • Intelligence - Tresys has been supporting the cybersecurity needs of national intelligence agencies since our founding.
  • Civilian Government - Our solutions help civilian government agencies share sensitive information across internal boundaries and with outside organizations.
  • Nuclear - We help nuclear operators protect critical digital assets to meet Nuclear Energy Institute cybersecurity standards.
  • Energy - Tresys products and services help electric utilities and oil and gas companies comply with NERC CIP requirements.